Facilities Maintenance

We provide maintenance services.
You get better, faster more efficient
performance from your building.

We supply and co-ordinate individual maintenance trades including plumbing,
electrical, carpentry, painting, landscaping, and many more to service your emergency
and reactive needs. We offer scheduled preventative maintenance and full site upkeep
services for both inside and outside a building.

Maintenance Administration

We take care of your admin and tech-heavy tasks.
You receive one hassle-free invoice for unlimited pre-qualified trades and services.

We source, coordinate, and manage your maintenance trades and services, dramatically reducing the burden on your internal departments. We keep everything together in a single software platform where we log your maintenance request and accurately track, trace, and report on the status of the works.

You receive comprehensive monthly report summaries with just one invoice. It’s seamless and efficient. Our digital compliance system means you don’t need to rely on hard copies or manuals. Everything an auditor would want to see is in one place, and we keep it up to date for you – hassle free compliance.

Building Works

We repair and refurbish buildings.
Your facility increases in value,
efficiency and durability.

We perform small to medium building repairs and refurbishments, facility repurposing,
restoration and remediation. This includes:

  • Creating an alternative use for a building
  • Fixing damaged or deteriorating areas of buildings
  • Rejuvenating and replacing ageing finishes
  • Restoring a built environment back to its intended purpose after being subject to decay or neglect.
  • Upgrading facilities to optimise sustainability or remain compliant.
  • Building temporary safeguards in structural emergency situations before a long-term solution is resolved.

Insurance Repair Works

We perform repair works with trusted
insurance providers.
You can get back to business, safer and quicker.

We specialise in mobilising for emergency building response, temporary activation of essential services like power and water, roof and ceiling repair, and general domestic repair and rectification after an insured event. We provide immediate aftermath response that focuses on safety, protection, and minimising any further damage. After a complete assessment, we work with your insurance provider to create a sustainable long-term fix.

Facility Management

We provide the complete works – preventative
and reactive maintenance programming.
You save money, time, and stress.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to caring for a building, so we create simple
and innovative facility management and maintenance programs to suit your needs,
wants and budgets.

Our inspections plans comprehensively test every part of your building, our condition
assessments audit deeper, our capital planning forecasts better, and our trades work harder than your typical maintenance teams – to fix and protect your facility for its present and future life. It means you can cut down your resourcing needs, consolidate your invoicing, remain compliant, stop experiencing breakdowns and plug the unexpected spend on asset maintenance.

Our comprehensive suite of services provides you with complete peace of mind and reliability

Central Maintenance Management System

Rapid Response around the clock

Single Source Management

Building Compliance

Conditions Assessment

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Asset Register

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Repurpose and Refresh

Capital Planning




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