Our Approach

In a discovery meeting we will investigate
where poor facility performance is
impacting your business …


You get a tailored solution incorporating our streamlined processes

It all starts with a call

Let’s discuss your specific requirements

Let’s discuss your specific requirements

Our streamlined processes
ensure a smoother experience

Get ahead of breakdowns with Planned Preventative Maintenance

We provide preventative and reactive maintenance programming with lifecycle analyses that help you to reduce resourcing needs, increase your operating efficiencies, and improve the longevity of your assets. No unexpected breakdowns means no downtime and higher profits. Your safety compliance is covered and you also enjoy a much smoother administrative process. Watch the video to explore more.


You get only compliant, capable contractors with our Rapid Global Process – a fail-safe hook up

Our advanced system matches one of our trusted, pre-qualified trades people to your work. Inductions, licenses, insurances, safety documents, vaccination records and more are taken care of for you, ensuring that our people are 100% compliant and certified to your requirements before they enter your site. You get to reduce your workload and be prepared and protected 24/7.


Drone Technology

We use innovative technology to provide you with comprehensive condition assessments

Our team can utilise drone technology to meticulously investigate the external condition of your facilities, particularly large, inaccessible and/or hazardous environments to develop more precise safeguards for your assets. We perform detailed dilapidation reporting, surveying and generating thermal imaging of solar panels, and intricate building façade inspections that can be analysed on-the-spot, in the field.

Skilled infection control

We have skilled infection control measures to ensure your customers are protected

With experience working across 400+ vulnerable facilities and sites, we have a strict focus on infection prevention and control policies and procedures, including implementing standard and transmission-based precautions and responding to infection risks in the workplace. Starting with our own team and trades, we ensure all personnel vaccinations are current before entering your facilities and working in the confines of a susceptible population.

Managing Live Operating Environments

We sensitively manage live operating environments to mitigate disturbance

We have unparalleled capability managing and working within the strict live protocols of highly complex and sensitive operating environments including hospitals, care facilities, residences, and airports. We work with you and your team to assure continuous essential and non-essential services to guarantee that your clients, customers, patients, staff and visitors remain comfortable, safe, and undisturbed.

It all starts with a call